This course explores global perspectives on community based rehabilitation (CBR) as a strategy for equalization of opportunities, social inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities. It prepares students to design, implement and evaluate CBR programs for and with persons with disabilities internationally by using a gender sensitive and human rights based approach. Students will examine basic CBR concepts and frameworks, health and disability policy, global partnerships, education and training strategies, the World Health Organization CBR Guidelines as well as their application in a variety of CBR programs globally. The course draws on 25 years of ICACBR’s international experience.

While people with disabilities continue to experience challenges to their full and equal community participation, people with disabilities in the context of mental illnesses are subject to particularly profound levels of social exclusion at a global level. This course will examine current disability discourse as it relates to mental illnesses and examine processes by which exclusion of this population occurs globally. Issues of exclusion will be evaluated using an international focus. Theoretical perspectives will be grounded in real life examples.